Big Sister got married in Ibàdàn (a city in Nigeria) and we traveled; twin sis, sis in-law and I. Our journey to Ib was awesome, nice air, filled with gists (first time twin sis and I met sis in-law; who’s sweet by the way) and all sorts.
Our big sister’s wedding was all shades of amazing! 💃 The ceremony, the food and drinks, the photo booth session, the boogie down, ohhh, the after party, the party after party, the fun times and the catching up… We bless God.
Our journey back to Lagos was with a +1…. Our Brother!!!! Coupled with lots of tiredness and low batteries so I was bored outta my mind and suggested we play “rock paper scissors” but twin sis suggested we play “Names of”… A game where you’d mention a header like “names of cars” and one by one we’d chorus names, failure to talk immediately rules you out so does saying a wrong name…Right names yes but saying wrong names had the bulk of our game… We laughed so hard till our cheeks hurt and our stomachs shrunk.
Words like;
“golden morn” in names of soaps
“mitsubishi” in names of foreign artistes
“collection” after bro said “smart” in names of perfumes
Like whaaaatttt..
The list is endless.
We laughed so loud and hard and those minutes got to me cos amid laughing and mocking the ‘loser’, I recorded the present happiness, one that doesn’t occur all the time, one that if not careful can be missed while facing the reality of life. I savored the minutes and for once, I was grateful I had a flat battery!#SliceOfLife

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