Clap Your Hands

   After changing the clothes of my 3 year old daughter (Hadassah) when she got back from school, I went on to changing mine as we were preparing for our Weekly evening service and I heard her sing,

“if you’re happy and you know, clap your hands; if you’re happy and you know, clap your hands…”
   I was interrupted for a beat to recap past event as I watch her sing, clap and dance.
   Her biological mother, who happened to be my friend, was involved in a motor accident that took her life last April. This incident traumatized her, her elder brother and their dad as they (the kids) had to move into our Godmother’s house to attend the school owned by our Godmother.
   Though our Godmother tries a lot in taking good care of them, perfectly well in such that they’re less disturbed by the event, they still feel the odd and always want to be with their dad always (as it appears that they trust only him, strongly) .
   It’s been a year plus now, pondering on where her mother has been, she keeps living on the love that is been showered on her and her big brother, keeps believing that one day, she’d see her mother, one that has been unintentionally absent in her life and that of her brother’s, she keeps living the moments; some of which she sings, clap her hands and shakes her tiny waist to the tune of her happiness.




15 thoughts on “Clap Your Hands

  1. Aworele David Olufemi says:

    I feel that’s just one of many ways providence speaks in the lives of the innocent and simple…like: “IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS”

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  2. berries781 says:

    This is very touching. One of my friends recently passed away and her daughter was 2 1/2 when it happened. I always wonder if she has the same thoughts…wondering when she will see Mommy again. But like your little one, she still has joy and brings joy to others.

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    • Jayeola Modupe Precious says:

      We both have this one in common. Bonds of sorrow 😥 and Joy😅. Sorry about your friend.. And yes, she’d wonder about her mum too and like Haddie, they bring us joy as they have lots of joy too…
      Thanks for reading.. Little Haddie says thanks too. Our greeting to your friend’s daughter.. Tell her to always be joyful! 😘


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