Losing someone is sad. Terrible is when the person is your loved one.

Mrs Yemi Laniru I’ll truly really really miss you. Your smiles, your laughs, your advices, how we share babies (they’ll forever be happy; they’re mine now), the way you play the piano, I’ll miss working together with you. I’ll miss everything about you.

Having to hear about someone’s death is a constant reminder that we all do not belong here. It leaves you thinking “who’s next?”, “Could it be me?”
Would also make you say “I don’t want to die” , “Must we die?”

You see, it’s a prewritten story , a predestinated fact that we all must return to where we’re from. And our body? from where they were formed.

From dust thou art
To dust thou returneth

This saying, culled from my church hymn has never failed to keep me near the cross.

Speaking of the cross, He died… Christ of Nazareth died…  that our sins would be paid and we would live on earth for his purpose.
Not for forever but till a certain time when our lives shall be requested of us with a given account of our existence.
Until then, HE is upthere in glory, atoning for any sins we would ever commit by living.

Then, what happens to our soul when we die (of course after fulfilling his purpose) would it just wander around? No. It goes back to the creator. Remember who gave the breath of life?
Our lives go back to HIS hands only if to Him we have been true and we’ve lived above our sins.

Now if there’s one thing I’m glad about, is that my late friend has passed from earth to glory; from this body to her theophany; from this pest house to her father’s house to live in a better world, a better place, in a better way with better life, in eternity with the One who died for us all.

Folks, we have to look forward to paradise, to when our lives would be in His hands and live right and righteous.

Remain blessed !


4 thoughts on “LIFE IN HIS HANDS

  1. Aniekan Udosen says:

    Yemi’s departure is an Eye-opener to the unserious believer. We must be ready to go at any time. #Godhelpustobeready.


  2. bro Seyi says:

    Thank you for very much for letting the memory of my wife live on. I really do appreciate your write up and the love you have for your friend and my wife. She was always very proud of you.


    • jayeolapreciousdupe says:

      It thrills my heart that you appreciate it sir. She’ll forever remain in our hearts. May the Good lord bless you richly sir.


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