The Angel In My Head

I was tired and she was too… 

I wanted to keep going, she couldn’t

I got teary about the way I stress her

At that moment, we got so blue


I never should work her up to “shutting down”

I neglected her desires and wishes

I gave her cold shoulders 

We, by default, picked a frown


Sometimes, our ways part

Our emotions differ

It tells on our cares

And broken is the status about our heart


But in that moment, between moving walls,

In those seconds of peace, when the world crushed on our shoulders, 

She told me these blissful words, “Babe, we gon be alright!”



Hearts That Breathe Respect 

   I was surfing instagram few days back when I stumbled upon a post by Orisaguna Jumoke, a public figure and model here in Nigeria and I remembered her amazing breakthrough like it was yesterday… 

   Below is a compilation of her story from various blog posts, CNN and the Wikipedia … 

Olajumoke,a mother of two, had left Osun State, a rural area, where she was a hair dresser, to come to Lagos,an urban area, with her 2 yr old daughter, in search of the Golden Fleece, hawking bread 7 times a week with a profit of 200 naira daily. Her husband stayed behind with the other child (a 5 yr old son) where he worked installing sliding doors. While she was working in Lagos, she was caught in the background of a picture taken by TY Bello, a Nigerian recording artist and photographer who was having a photo-shoot with a UK music star, Tinnie Tempah.

Bello had chosen to pitch her set on the streets of Lagos so as, according to her Instagram post, to showcase the beauty of her Lagos rather than be confined in some hole. Upon realizing what damage she could have done, she became confused, perhaps a little scared, especially with boos and jeers from people who asked her to quickly get out of the set.

Alas, TY Bello, the photographer, signaled her to walk back into the set and asked for her photograph to be taken to which she obliged. TY had seen, through her lens, diamond though very much in the rough at that time and while later reviewing and editing the images she had taken, Bello decided that Orisaguna had potential as a model, located her and offered to launch her career. She arranged for Orisaguna’s portrait to appear on the cover of Style magazine and planned to create a documentary about her. Although, she was not learned at that time, her story was featured on the coveted magazine “This Day Style” enabling her share the style cover with Genevieve Nnaji, Funke Akindele-Bello, Aliko Dangote, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, other A’List Socialites, celebrities and the Creme de la Creme of the society.

Jumoke was also awarded a scholarship by Sujimoto Group and Poise Nigeria where she learnt Etiquette, Soft skills, Social Graces and Communication.

Stanbic IBTC bank also rewarded her children with educational scholarship to ensure their continuous positive development. 

She has also become an ambassador for some organizations like payporte, Shirley’s confectioneries. 

   This then got me thinking about moments when she had most likely been insulted while hawking, showered with different sorts of undeserved bad words…  Or when someone had probably disregarded her simply because of her position at the time; a mere bread hawker… 

   Moments where she’d have cried herself to sleep because she couldn’t raise enough money for food let alone accommodation and child’s care. Moments that didn’t guarantee her existence the next minute, let alone her child’s…

   Here in Nigeria, prices of bread are fixed but imagine moments when someone had disrespected Jumoke for not willing to sell less than the price… Or situations where curse words have been rained on her for any of her minor mistakes and within the space of 5 minutes, she met stardom.

On March 6, 2017, she took to her instagram page and thanked TY Bello, Sujimoto, all her benefactors, fans, critics and role models and on the 12th of March, she had a grand celebration of her 1 year in stardom.

   Now, let’s face her previous scorners, what would be said of them, after all the disrespect they dished out to her, God elevated her in a twinkle. 

   This just shows that no one should be looked down on, be it a maid, a cleaner, a poor person, a hustler or a street beggar. I mean, look at Jumoke’s story, a switch from one who most likely won’t have caught the fancy of a local tv to one that’s being featured on the CNN! 

   At this point, I’m neither insinuating that maids be worshipped nor enforcing an extreme cordial relationship with cleaners, I’m simply emphasizing on the need to be humble, respectful and sensitive to human feelings. Their fate whether as a result of their handwork or lack of opportunities should be regarded always.

   Undoubtedly, there are times whereby one can be vexed to maximum even by one’s best friend and words that would be said might not be so nice, it’s okay to be upset but it’s really essential that reactions should be done with optimum respect regardless of the anger building up on the inside.

   Being humble is definitely not expensive, all it takes is to live life with the realization that life’s short and no one knows tomorrow. 

Another Orisaguna might just be around the corner. 

Be Nice! ✌


Clap Your Hands

   After changing the clothes of my 3 year old daughter (Hadassah) when she got back from school, I went on to changing mine as we were preparing for our Weekly evening service and I heard her sing,

“if you’re happy and you know, clap your hands; if you’re happy and you know, clap your hands…”
   I was interrupted for a beat to recap past event as I watch her sing, clap and dance.
   Her biological mother, who happened to be my friend, was involved in a motor accident that took her life last April. This incident traumatized her, her elder brother and their dad as they (the kids) had to move into our Godmother’s house to attend the school owned by our Godmother.
   Though our Godmother tries a lot in taking good care of them, perfectly well in such that they’re less disturbed by the event, they still feel the odd and always want to be with their dad always (as it appears that they trust only him, strongly) .
   It’s been a year plus now, pondering on where her mother has been, she keeps living on the love that is been showered on her and her big brother, keeps believing that one day, she’d see her mother, one that has been unintentionally absent in her life and that of her brother’s, she keeps living the moments; some of which she sings, clap her hands and shakes her tiny waist to the tune of her happiness.




“He is the most annoying ingrate I have ever seen. And the fact that he’s self-centered, pisses me off”.

“She is very sweet and caring though at first you’ll think of her as a snobbish, overweening lady”.

“Well, the little I can say about her is that she’s neat but annoying”.

“That mannerless bloke? He certainly has no respect for humans”.

“She’s the most interesting, vibrant and  friendly girl I’ve ever met. I’m glad to have her as a friend”.

How are you being defined?
You could think, Well, it doesn’t really matter. But it does!

What defines you?
Your attitude really matters as that’s the criteria for your definition(whether you’re there or not).

Is equal to;
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K ;

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E ;

12+15+22+5 = 54%

L+U+C+K ;
12+21+3+11 = 47%

None of them makes 100%.
Then what makes 100% ???

Is it Money?
NO !!!

M+O+N+E+Y= 13+15+14+5+25=72%

NO !!!

L+E+A+D+E+R+S+H+I+P= 12+5+1+4+5+18+19+8+9+16=97%

Every problem has solution and life is bearable only if we perhaps change our “ATTITUDE”.

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E ;
1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

It is therefore OUR ATTITUDE (the good one) towards Life and people that makes our Lives 100% successful.

This popular mathematical saying struck my head as a young child and has refused to fly off thereby becoming my favorite mathematical equation ever (simple yet thoughtful).

Some people would describe this as totally lame while others, creditable.

ATTITUDE defines us all but different kinds of attitude defines different kinds of people.

So I ask “which defines you?”

What attitude have you got towards life, towards people?

Well did that beggar partake of the blessings in your life?

That bus driver refused to give you your change and you insulted him?

That lecturer made you suffer in his course and you think the best thing is to gang up against him?

So she howled at you and you’re like “I’d retaliate”?

You have those handouts, those ideas and you’ve decided to hoard it because you think no one ‘cept you deserves anything better?

He was a disappointment. He let you down. Have you forgiven him?

He insulted you in public. How did you react?

So the market woman shouted at you for wanting to pay less but did you apologise and walk away?

You’ve either got to change that attitude (the bad) or keep it up (the good).

Life deserves a better you, better us. The world has to get better; we’ve got to work on that attitude (good or bad) for better us.


Losing someone is sad. Terrible is when the person is your loved one.

Mrs Yemi Laniru I’ll truly really really miss you. Your smiles, your laughs, your advices, how we share babies (they’ll forever be happy; they’re mine now), the way you play the piano, I’ll miss working together with you. I’ll miss everything about you.

Having to hear about someone’s death is a constant reminder that we all do not belong here. It leaves you thinking “who’s next?”, “Could it be me?”
Would also make you say “I don’t want to die” , “Must we die?”

You see, it’s a prewritten story , a predestinated fact that we all must return to where we’re from. And our body? from where they were formed.

From dust thou art
To dust thou returneth

This saying, culled from my church hymn has never failed to keep me near the cross.

Speaking of the cross, He died… Christ of Nazareth died…  that our sins would be paid and we would live on earth for his purpose.
Not for forever but till a certain time when our lives shall be requested of us with a given account of our existence.
Until then, HE is upthere in glory, atoning for any sins we would ever commit by living.

Then, what happens to our soul when we die (of course after fulfilling his purpose) would it just wander around? No. It goes back to the creator. Remember who gave the breath of life?
Our lives go back to HIS hands only if to Him we have been true and we’ve lived above our sins.

Now if there’s one thing I’m glad about, is that my late friend has passed from earth to glory; from this body to her theophany; from this pest house to her father’s house to live in a better world, a better place, in a better way with better life, in eternity with the One who died for us all.

Folks, we have to look forward to paradise, to when our lives would be in His hands and live right and righteous.

Remain blessed !

I’ll start from here…

So now I had waited another three months, four days, twenty-three hours, twenty-five minutes, fifty-two seconds to pick up my phone and type on this blog.
It’s not all about owning a blog, it’s about making good use of it.
So, I’ll just do it …
Readers, I’m Precious and I love to communicate. Welcome!